Beyond the ABCs (Day 1 of 3)

Beyond the ABCs (Day 1 of 3)

Steps to completing the course:

  1. Have the templates, examples and guides available for the following Positive Behavior Support Documents PBSA, PBSP, BCIP, PPMP, RMP
  2. Have the PowerPoint to follow along as you move through the modules.
  3. Save a link to the DDSD service standards to your computer so you can pause and easily search for topics as you use tips and trick we talk about in the videos.
  4. Save a recent copy of the Service Criteria (currently on version five or “V”) so you have the document that discusses the inclusion and exclusion criteria and units for the discussion about complexity factor and medical justification.
  5. Behavior Support Consultants are required to take this course within their first year of practice
  6. The Beyond the ABCs course is a three day course and the online modules are the first day of the three day training meant to prepare you for the in person trainings by helping you to understand the Positive Behavior Support documents and service requirements. Please register for both days 2 and 3 from the NM Waiver Training Hub Training Calendar.
  7. There will be a quiz at the end of each module to help you understand the purpose of each document.
  8. There will be a final competency you will need to complete in the course shell to get your certificate.
  9. 6 counseling CEU’s are awarded for completing all the online modules.


(Please view prior to beginning course)


Module 1: Introduction to Bureau of Behavioral Support and Behavioral Support Consultation

Module 2: Positive Behavior Support Assessment Part One

Module 3: Positive Behavior Support Assessment Part Two

Module 4: Positive Behavior Support Assessment Part Three

Module 5: Positive Behavior Support Plan

Module 6: Behavior Crisis Intervention

Module 7: The Semi-Annual Report

Module 8: PRN Psychotropic Medication Plan

Module 9: Risk Management Plan

Module 10: Trauma-Informed Considerations in Positive Supports Assessment and Planning

Module 11: Fading of Restrictions and/or Supervision


Anthony Cahill, Ph.D.

DHPD Division Director