Special Emphasis Theme

Addressing the Intersections of Adversity and Disability Prenatally and in Early Childhood: Research, Prevention, Intervention and Capacity-Building

Adverse experiences, toxic levels of stress, and traumatic experiences in early childhood have a direct impact on developing brain architecture, leading to increased risk for developmental and behavioral concerns. Conversely, children with developmental and other disabilities are 2-4 times more likely to be exposed to adversity in childhood than children without disabilities. The intersection of the experience of Adverse Childhood Events (ACES) and disability is an underex-plored topic in the disability community.

The 2017 Southwest Conference on Disability seeks proposals on topics related to the intersection of adversity and disability during pregnancy, in early childhood and beyond, including:

  • Research on the intersection of adversity and disability across the lifespan.
  • Community-based services supporting prevention of adversity during pregnancy and early childhood.
  • Model programs that have shown to be effective in reducing and/or ameliorating the im-pact of adversity on young children and families.
  • Training, community education and capacity-building efforts to support the work force in using evidence-informed practice in addressing issues of adversity, development and disa-bility prenatally and in early childhood.

The deadline for proposals is May 30th, 2017.