Main Conference Theme

The Intersection of Disability and Other Underserved Populations

People with disabilities represent one of the largest underserved populations in the United States and elsewhere. Too often disability research, advocacy, policy and programs consider “disability” in isolation, ignoring other identities which also shape the lives of people with disabilities. More needs to be done to examine the intersection of having a disability and being a member of other underserved populations, including racial, ethnic and cultural minorities; those with a newly-acquired disability; limited English proficiency; members of the LGBQT community; people living in rural areas and others.

The 2017 Southwest Conference on Disability is seeking proposals that explore dimensions of this intersection between disability and other underserved populations, including:

  • How to advocate for and provide culturally responsive and inclusive services to people with disabilities who are also members of other underserved populations.
  • The impact that having a disability and being a member of other underserved populations has on health and other disparities, health equity and inclusion.
  • The implications of the intersection of disability and race, culture, language or sexual orientation for crafting truly inclusive policies.
  • The epidemiology of the intersection of disability other underserved populations, including evidence on prevalence and demographics.

The deadline for proposals is May 30th, 2017.