Early Childhood Learning Network

FIT Annual Meeting 2019

The following documents/hand-outs accompany the presentations and workshops/breakout sessions that will occur at the 2019 FIT Annual Meeting. If you would like hard copies of these documents, please feel free to print, as hard copies will not be provided at the meeting (unless otherwise noted).

FIT Annual Meeting 2019 Agenda

2019 Family Outcomes Quotes

Preschool Development Grant: New ECEC department

Andrew Gomm, Child & Family Supports Bureau, FIT Program, Bureau Chief

Plenary Session : Leadership Keynote Speaker: “Leadership From the Inside-Out: A Leader’s Journey”

Abel Covarrubias, MA, CCC-SLP, CEO Aprendamos

How do you define leadership? It's a difficult concept to define, perhaps because it means something different to each of us. This presentation will explore qualities that great leaders exhibit such as vulnerability, empathy, compassion and kindness, along with Abel’s journey of leading from the heart and his hope for the future of New Mexico.

Breakout Sessions

What’s Your Leadership Legacy? Leadership Progression versus Leadership Perfection

Heidi Roibal, MS, IMH (II), FIT Regional Coordinator, Cathie Koss, PhD, Training and Development Consultant, UNM-CDD-Early Childhood Network

Improving and Increasing Early Intervention Services to Native American Families and Communities

Joanne Corwin, MA, DS III- Director, Early Intervention and Involvement/NM School for the Deaf/ICC member, Paula S. Seanez, MA, Director, Navajo Nation Growing in Beauty/ICC member, Marc Kolman, NM Dept. of Health/ICC member, Christine Vining, PhD., CCC-SLP, UNM-CDD- Autism and other Developmental Disabilities Division, Catherine Riley, MA, DS III, Training and Development Consultant, UNM-CDD-Early Childhood Network, Aiko Allen, Tribal Liaison, NM Dept. of Health, Office of the Tribal Liaison

Early Childhood Outcomes (ECO): “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Jonetta Martinez-Pacias, FIT Regional Coordinator, Michelle Staley, MA, DS III, Training and Development Consultant, UNM-CDD-Early Childhood Network

Plenary Session: Leadership Team Panel Innovative Practices

Lula Brown, MA, LPCC, Director, ENMRSH Early Childhood Programs, Sara Michaud, MEd, CRC, Ex. Director, New Vistas Early Childhood Program, Kathey Phoenix-Doyle, Executive Director, La Vida Felicidad, Celina Waller, MBA, EI Program Director, Aprendamos, Cindy Faris, MA, ECSE/L, TVI/L, NM School for the Blind & Visually Impaired, Autumn Bruton, OTR, Chief Executive Officer/President, Amplified Therapy, Alisia Johnson, EC Regional Director/Lead Administrator, MECA Therapies, Felica Juarez, MSW/DS III, Director of Children’s Services Los Pasitos EI/Tobosa
Developmental Services Inc.

FIT-KIDS Delivered Services

Jason Lavy, Family, Infant, and Toddler Program Data Manager

Understanding the New Transition Guidance in NM

Cindy Bernard, UNM/CDD/Statewide Transition Coordinator, Catherine Quick, PED/ 619 Coordinator, Jonetta Martinez-Pacias, FIT Regional Coordinator/Part C Transition Lead

Bring Out the Coach in You! What is Coaching and How Do I Do It?

Ellen Pope, OTD, OTR/L

“Things may happen and often do to people as brainy and footsy as you”….But ICD-10 is here to help you!

Vanessa Skrehot, MSBS/FIT Program Manager/Medical Assistance Division, Christie Guinn, School Health Manager, Janis Gonzales, MD, MCH Director, NM Dept. of Health, President, NM Pediatric Society

Family Service Coordinator Leadership: Building a Professional Development System That Affirms the Role of the FSC in NM FIT

Lisa Rohleder, MA, DS III, FIT Regional Coordinator, Catherine Riley, MA, DS III, Training and Development Consultant, UNM-CDD-Early Childhood Network


Oh, The Questions We’ll Ask!

Karen Burrows, FIT Regional Coordinator/CBA Lead