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Community Advisory Committee

As the CDD prepared for its 5 year renewal, we asked for input from our Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) about
how continued participation could be meaningful and respectful of their time. Based on feedback, the CDD
restructured and expanded its CAB into the Community Advisory Committee (CAC).

The CAC has representatives from all regions so the needs of rural New Mexicans are considered. Our current
CAC members include advocates, family members as well as our DD Network Partners, Disability Rights New
Mexico and the Developmental Disability Planning Counsel.

Many of our newly appointed CAC members are graduates of our Partners in Policymaking Program. Joining
the CAC provides these individuals with continued experience in advocacy and leadership. In addition to our in
person meetings, we meet with our CAC members through video conferencing and telecommunications.

CAC Regional Teams

Metro Team Members

  • Cynthia Berkheimer
  • John Block III
  • Shane Bower
  • Iris Clevenger
  • Emma Farris
  • Jeff Griffith
  • Nadine Maes
  • Lily Martinez
  • Marilyn Martinez
  • Amy Rodriguez

Northern Team Members

  • Christal Branch
  • Audrey Cordova
  • Siri GuruNam Khalsa
  • Rosemary Silversmith
  • Lisa Storti

Southern Team Members

  • Rebecca Cobos
  • Elisheva Levin
  • Alicia Lucoski
  • Chinda Lucoski
  • Slma Navarez