DDSD Online Courses | NM Waiver Training Hub Tutorials

In order to use the Training Hub as an Agency Administrator or Trainer, please click on the link(s) below to watch the tutorials that best suit your role. For questions, or when you have completed the tutorials, please contact the Training Hub Project Manager to obtain a log-in and password.

Each tutorial contains a subset of smaller modules that describe how to perform specific functions in the Training Hub. You can always re-watch these modules individually later if you forget a particular function of the Training Hub. If you have difficulty viewing the tutorials due to a small screen size, hold the "CTRL" and "+" buttons to enlarge the screen.

Agency Admin Tutorials (45 minutes)

Trainer Tutorials (21 minutes)

Mi Via Consultants/SW Coordinator Tutorials

Course Participant Tutorial (7 minutes)

Training Hub Phase 2 Modifications Quick Guide

Anthony Cahill, Ph.D.

DHPD Division Director