Course Information & Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

As a long-term trainee, you will complete 300 hours or more of interdisciplinary leadership training. This is typically completed over fall and spring academic semesters. It includes:

  1. Didactic seminars enhanced with experiential learning
  2. Leadership training and  identifying your individual leadership style
  3. Mentored clinical experiences
  4. Critical thinking and applied research
  5. Family/trainee matches
  6. Hands-on training in public policy

The experience is individually tailored to your interests. You complete a set of requirements in the areas of leadership and research through a Capstone Project and a Family and Community as Faculty Match Project.

You have the option of participating in the NM LEND program for academic credit.

Courses are offered in:

Depending on the discipline, NM LEND trainees have the option of participating in advanced clinical training at the Center for Development & Disability through field work placements, internships and post-doctoral fellowship. 

Introductory and advanced training is provided in the field of Autism.

There are opportunities for UNM students and mid-career professionals for short and medium term training in the NM LEND program. For further information about these training opportunities contact NM LEND faculty in your professional discipline or Sandy Heimerl ( NM LEND Director.