BabyNet - Birth to 3

Information Numbers: 505-272-8549 or 1-800-552-8195

BabyNet is New Mexico’s system for information and referral to early intervention agencies statewide for children under 36 months of age. Call to speak with an Information Specialist . Early intervention (EI) can help with the development of children who have delays, or are at risk due to medical or environmental concerns. Early intervention supports a child’s learning and development during the important time from birth to three years of age.

Staff from an early intervention program can come to your home to support your family in meeting your child’s developmental and health-related needs. Participation in early intervention (EI) services is free and voluntary.  Only a parent or guardian can give permission for evaluation and services.  If a child is referred to the program, a service coordinator meets with the familiey to explain the EI program and arrange for an evaluation.  

New Mexico Family Infant Toddler (FIT) Program Tip Sheet

Your Child's Development Birth to 3 - Flash Presentation: Online presentation with developmental milestones for infants and toddlers and information on what to expect from early intervention through the FIT Program. Please turn on your speakers and be aware it may take some time to load. The presentation requires Flash Player which can be downloaded for free.

Healthy Developmental Milestones - A list of developmental activities that a child is typically learning at different periods from birth the age three. Screening tools such as Ages and Stages Questionnaire can help determine if the child could benefit from a more in depth developmental evaluation through the FIT Program.

Additional Information and Resources:

New Mexico Family Infant and Toddler (FIT) Program

FIT Provider List - A list of the early intervention agencies around the state who contract with the NM Family Infant Toddler program to provide free services to children who have delays, or are at risk for delays. 

Early Childhood Evaluation Program (ECEP) - provides evaluations for children ages birth to three living in New Mexico.  ECEP addresses concerns regarding developmental delay, complex medical conditions, autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, behavioral/regulatory issues, and other specialized evaluation questions for very young children.

Text4baby - A free mobile information service designed to promote maternal and child health. Expecting mothers can receive daily texts messages about their pregnancy and the baby's first year.

Early Childhood Learning Network (ECLN) Program - ECLN offers training to Early Intervention Providers, service coordinators, teachers, home visitors and preschool personnel around New Mexico.

Phone: 505-272-2311

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