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What other therapy services might be available for infants and young children?

Some babies and young children may benefit from specific physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy services provided in a clinic setting or sometimes in your home. These services might be referred to as outpatient or home health PT, OT, ST.

These therapy services involve meeting with a licensed therapist to help your baby or young child learn needed skills that may be difficult for them. You would also be taught activities or exercises to do with your child at home to support their progress. Your physician or other health care provider may recommend your baby or child participate in one or more of these therapies regularly for a specific period of time.

Most children who are on a Medicaid or Centennial plan can receive these services for free. The cost for those with and without other insurance varies depending on the insurance plan and the place where services are received. The resource list below provides information about agencies or facilities that provide therapy evaluation and treatment services specific for babies and young children.

Note: A child can receive services from both a NMFIT program and an outpatient therapy provider.