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Consumer Advisory Board

The Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) guides and advises the Center for Development and Disability (CDD). The CAB helps the CDD work towards its mission of full inclusion of people with disabilities and their families in their community. CAB members give their ideas that help CDD develop its plan that guides individual programs and services. CAB members help the CDD look at progress toward making that mission come true.

What CAB Members Do:

  • Learn all about the CDD and CAB.
  • Tell the CDD about their interests, gifts and talents.
  • Represent a group of people who have the same values and interests as each member.
  • Talk with CAB about the needs and interests of that group of people.
  • Talk with that group of people about CDD information the member thinks they would like to know.
  • Attend two CDD Consumer Advisory Board meetings each year held in Albuquerque.
  • Be part of any workgroups the member would like to join.
  • Share life experiences and information that will help the CDD.

Center for Development & Disability Consumer Advisory Board

Membership FY17

  • Berkheimer, Cynthia - Self-Advocate, Center for Self-Advocacy
  • Bower, Shane - Self-Advocate
  • Bussolini, Lee - Family Member
  • Clevenger, Iris - Self Advocate
  • Greenfeld, Judy - Family Member
  • Griffith, Jeffrey - Self-Advocate
  • Padilla-Harvey, Dinah - Arc of New Mexico
  • Husted, Tony - Family Member
  • Ibanez, Barbara - Developmental Disabilities Planning Council
  • Latoma, Melinda - Family Member
  • Maes, Nadine - Family Member
  • Martinez, Lily - Family Member, Disability Rights of NM
  • Martinez, Marilyn - Self-Advocate
  • Rossignol, Lisa - Parents Reaching Out
  • Simpson, Michelle - Family Member
  • Storti, Lisa - NM Dept. of Health, Developmental Disabilities Support Division (NMDOH/DDSD)

From the Center for Development & Disability (CDD)

CDD Director : Marcia Moriarta

CDD Deputy Director : Patricia Osbourn

CAB Chair : Tanya Baker-McCue

CDD Members

  • Baker-McCue, Tanya - Division Director, FCPD Central Administration
  • Barden, Christina - Division Director, Medically Fragile Case Management Program
  • Bertrand, Sophie - Program Operations Director, ECLN & Programs Operations Director, Preschool Network & Division Director, ECLN Administration
  • Bofman, Rhonda - FCPD Ops Mgr-Facilitator
  • Burnette, Courtney - Director of Clinical Evaluation Services
  • Cahill, Anthony - Division Director, Disability and Health Policy
  • Heimerl, Sandra - Division Director, NM LEND
  • Moriarta, Marcia - CDD Director, Center Administration & Division Director, Early Childhood Home and Family Services
  • Osbourn, Pat - Deputy Director
  • Wenz, Daniel - Mgr. IT Technical Support, Technology Services & Mgr., Admin Operations, Center Administration

CDD/CAB Program Coordinator : Patricia Marquez

Consumer Advisory Board Minutes

The following links will direct you to minutes of Consumer Advisory Board meetings. If you require assistance to view or otherwise access these materials, or if you have any questions about the CDD CAB, please email ptmarquez@salud.unm.edu.