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The Home Visiting project, an initiative of the Children Youth and Family Division (CYFD) was transferred to the Early Childhood Education and Care Division (ECECD) on July 1, 2020. This project provides for the consultation to Home Visiting programs sponsored by ECECD and the professional development of Home Visitors with the intent to increase the capacity of staff that provide services directly to the families and babies in New Mexico. The end result is to eliminate child abuse and neglect.

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The Center for Development and Disability’s (CDD) Early Childhood Learning Network (ECLN) maintains a team of Home Visiting Consultants who are experts in the area of infant and toddler development.  This team provides consultation and technical assistance to Home Visiting programs sponsored by ECECD, located across five regions of New Mexico.

The Home Visiting Consultant Team provides core and advanced practice consultations to program staff, with a focus on relationship-based, culturally competent, with a reflective approach. The New Mexico Association for Infant Mental Health (NMAIMH) Competencies for culturally-sensitive, relationship-based, reflective approach are used as our guide. Home Visiting programs are supported by a lead consultant, with additional input from the entire team of Consultants, on minimally a monthly basis, with more assistance, based on program need. This practice is to provide a parallel reflective supervision experience for Program Managers, who may then provide the same to the Home Visitors on staff.

The CDD/ECLN Home Visiting Consultant Team is part of a larger Home Visiting Support Team that includes Manager Monitors from ECECD, as well as the Data Team from the Early Childhood Services Center (ECSC), which is part of the Continuing Education department at UNM. Together, these three teams provide overall support and resources for the ECECD-sponsored programs across the state.

Resources for home visitors and supervisors are also made available on this web site, including articles, videos, training information, tools, documents, and forms.

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