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Camper & Peer Applicants

Teen Camp

Campers between the ages of 13 and 17 with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and their typically-developing peers (those without Autism) are eligible to attend Camp Rising Sun's Teen Camp. Campers must turn 13 by the first day of camp to be eligible to attend this camp. Camper applications are reviewed carefully by a group of medical, behavior, and camp professionals. Campers are placed in small groups (1-5 campers) according to their abilities, support needs, and social needs. The application review includes careful consideration of the available resources and ability of the onsite camp team to successfully support the applicant. Teen Camp is designed so that small groups of campers and peers work together and compromise in order to choose which activities they'd like to participate in. These activities are designed to teach specific skills in the given area in order to support knowledge and confidence in recreational and leisure activities outside of camp.

Camp Assistant Applicants

Camp Assistants are young adults with ASD, age 18 - 26, who want to learn positive work habits, responsibility, and have fun while supporting the health and safety of camp. While at camp, Camp Assistants enjoy the fun and magic of camp from a new perspective. Under direct supervision, Camp Assistants are allowed the opportunity to grow in new ways, make new friends, and participate in a daily activity of their choosing.

Counselors-in-Training (CIT) Applicants

Counselors-in-Training are individuals seeking leadership opportunities and who desire to enrich the lives of children, and specifically those children living with Autism. CITs must be 16 or 17 years of age by the first day of camp. CITs work with counselors and staff members, and provide assistance by supporting camper groups and program needs around camp. The camp provides leadership training opportunities while at camp to assist CITs being contributing members of the camp staff while learning leadership skills in supporting the camp program. As the CIT position is a program component of CRS a fee is charged for participation. In addition to filling out the application and securing a letter of recommendation, all applicants will participate in an interview as part of our selection process. CIT positions are only offered at Kids' Camp as those eligible to be CITs are eligible and utilized as teen peers at Teen Camp. Please review the application information for more details on the duties and requirements to be a CIT.

Volunteer Applicants

Volunteering at Camp Rising Sun offers interested applicants the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child, to learn from children, adults, and teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their typically developing peers, and to work alongside other students, volunteers, and professionals. Camp offers hands-on experience in an intensive (and fun!) 24 hour recreational setting. Camp volunteers have the opportunity to work as counselors or program specialists, who help to develop and teach recreational and leisure activities to campers. Other program and support staff are hired as well. Applicants can apply for both Kids' and Teen camp or either/or. Strong applicants are called in for an interview. Each applicant will undergo a background check in order to be considered for a staff position. Please apply early to insure availability of the position you are interest in.

Kids' Camp - Not happening in 2018 due to budget cuts

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  • Camper: Teen/Camper age 13-17 with ASD
  • Peer: Teen/Camper age 13-17 without ASD
  • Counselor in Training: Ages 15-17
  • Volunteer/Staff Application: 18+
    • Counselor
    • Program Specialist
    • Team Leader
    • Rover
    • LEND counselor
  • Return Staff Application
    • Counselor
    • Program Specialist
    • Team Leader
    • Rover
  • Camp Assistant Application (Adult 18-26 with ASD)

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