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Summer Institute 2018 Presentation PowerPoints & Handouts

Click the title of the presentation for a pdf of the slides, there is also included under most presentations a "3 slides per page" version that is good for note-taking.

2018 Agenda

Applying Universal Design to Reading Instruction for Students with ASD

Jorden Morales, MA

Applying Universal Design: 3 Slides per Page

Addressing Challenging Behavior:  Do you really need an FBA?

Jennifer Bossow, MA, BCBA

Addressing Challenging Behavior: 3 Slides per Page

COMI Sample      COMI Blank

Beyond Inclusion: Facilitating the Social Engagement of Individuals with ASD in Naturalistic Social Settings

Tiffany Otero, Ph.D., BCBA

Beyond Inclusion: 3 Slides per Page 

Challenging Behaviors in the Preschool Environment

Michael Gutierrez, MEd, BCBA

Challenging Behavior in the Preschool Environment: 3 Slides per Page

Creating the Magic without the Wand…A Collaborative Approach to Supporting the Needs and Goals of your Students and Staff

Martina Chavez, MS. CCC-SLP, Naomi Lang, OTR/L and Janelle Otero, MSW, LCSW

Creating the Magic without the Wand: 3 Slides per Page

Cultural and Linguistic Considerations in working with Preschool Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Sylvia Sarmiento, MS, CCC-SLP and Christine Vining, PhD, CCC-SLP

Cultural and Linguistic Considerations: 3 Slides per Page

Environmental Modifications to Prevent Challenging Behaviors and Other Antecedent Strategies

Andrew Egel, PhD

Environmental Modifications: 3 Slides per Page


Fostering Communication Skills in Preschool Children through Pivotal Response Training

Mary Mandeville-Chase, MS, CCC-SLP

Fostering Communication Skills: 3 Slides per Page

From Common Core to Lesson Plan:  It really does make sense!

Maryann Trott, MA, BCBA

From Common Core to Lesson Plan: 3 Slides per Page

How to Make Lessons Meaningful for ALL students in your Classroom (with a focus on the Unique Learning System)

Felicia Nevarez, MEd

 How to Make Lessons Meaningful for ALL Students: 3 Slides per Page

Including ASD Interventions in DD Preschool Classrooms

Carolyn Biswell, BA, RBT

Including ASD Interventions: 3 Slides Per Page 

In Search of Meaning:  Autism Spectrum Disorder and Reading Comprehension

Marci Laurel, MA, CCC-SLP

In Search of Meaning, ASD and Reading: 3 Slides per Page

Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders for Educators

Sylvia Acosta, PhD

Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder: 3 Slides per Page

Practical Data Collection for the Classroom

Michael Gutierrez, MEd, BCBA

Practical Data Collection for the Classroom: 3 Slides per Page 

Social Engagement & Steps of Being Social: An Overview for School Teams

Marci Laurel, MA, CCCC-SLP and Kathleen Mo Taylor, OTR/L

Steps of Being Social: 3 Slides per Page

Strategies for Responding to Challenging Behaviors when they Occur

Andrew Egel, PhD

Strategies for Responding to Challenging Behaviors: 3 Slides per Page

Systematic Instruction:  Instructional Strategies

Patty Albo, MA. RBT and Heather DiLuzio, MA, BCBA

Systematic Instruction: 3 Slides per Page


The Instructional Unit and Discrete Trial Training

Carolyn Biswell, BA, RBT

The Instructional Unit: 3 Slides per Page

Toilet Training with Disabilities in the Preschool Setting

Whitney Loring, PsyD

Toilet Training with Disabilities in the Preschool Setting: 3 Slides per Page

Toileting Elimination Record  ABC Pre-Toileting Data Sheet    Action Plan Worksheet Toilet Training

Understanding and Supporting Executive Function Needs in Your Students

Whitney Loring, PsyD

Understanding and Supporting Executive Function: 3 Slides per Page

Executive Function Strategies-Accommodations    Executive Function Action Plan    Areas of Executive Functioning

What is Systematic Instruction and Applied Behavior Analysis in the Classroom?

Felicia Nevarez, MEd

What is systematic instruction and ABA in the Classroom?: 3 Slides per Page 


Working with Multiple Ages Requiring Multiple Levels of Support:  A Real-life View into the Makings of a Successful Autism Program

Cheryl Amundsen, Courtney Watson, Jessica Tarin

Working with Multiple Ages: 3 Slide per Page


You Can Do Anything with a Post-it: Implementing Evidence-based Practices with Little Time and Resources

Whitney Loring, PsyD

You can do anything with a Post-It: 3 Slides per Page